Top Ten Things You Need When You Move Into a New House

Top Ten Things You Need When You Move Into a New House

Remember this post about the Top Ten Improvements to Get Your House on the Market?  Well, now I have a whole NEW set of things I wish I had known.  But first, this is my new backyard and yes, those are ducks.  Every morning I walk out on the back deck and look at the creek running through my backyard and give thanks for the beauty.  This is the first time in years that I can't wait for summer (I like the cold) because I want to sit out on my back decks and listen to the ducks.  And yes, Desiree, you will come and join me in this.  

1.  Length of Time
It will always take twice as long to move as you anticipate.  You will always think your kitchen is "almost packed" and it will still take 10 more boxes to completely pack it.  You will need more boxes than you ever thought existed in the world, and you will be astonished at how little a box fits.

2.  Amount of Money
Because you are buying more boxes than planned, you will spend more money than planned.  We budgeted $1000 because we were moving 15 minutes away.  We spent closer to $2000.

3.  Your Friends Will Only Last So Long
We have INCREDIBLE friends who showed up day after day to help.  However, as we quickly found out, our friends also have lives and children and moving and packing takes way longer than anticipated.  So on day 3 we buckled up and hired a team of movers.  They are fabulous - 2 Men and a Lady.  If you live in Utah, you can reach them at 801-661-0678.  They are incredibly hard workers and very fast and Natalie even took my screen door and re-screened it for me for free.  Seriously.

4.  A 26 ft. Truck is Small
We ended up hiring TWO 26 ft. trucks, but to be fair, we were moving both my mom and our stuff to the new house.  It took two completely full trips with each truck and two Pods to move everything.  Furniture is big and bulky - plan for additional trips if you have a lot of boxes.  

5.  Hire a Cleaning Service on Both Ends
We had people moving into our house right away, so after hauling and moving all day, I still had to clean.  This was after five days of moving and I was exhausted.  I didn't have time to clean the new house, either - just a clean as I unpack sort of deal.  I wish now that I would have taken the time to hire a cleaning crew.

6.  Create an Eating Out Budget
When you are in the process of moving you will eat out.  I don't care how organic, local, etc. that you are, you will cave to your lowest standards and just might drive through the golden arches even if you haven't been there for 10 years.  I didn't go that low, because that is sub-standard for me, but I did eat at places that did not contribute to the wholesome energy I needed to do the move.  'Nuff said.  You will eat crappy food and probably for every meal.  

7.  Label Boxes by Color
Get out those sharpies and create some sort of a color chart so that boxes end up in the right rooms.  We had crazy stuff all over the place and it doubled our work to have to move it AGAIN, up or down stairs.  If that isn't an option, clearly designate the room that the box is supposed to go to.  Don't just say, "Random Stuff".  If a friend is helping you move, they won't know where Random Stuff is supposed to go.

8.  Accept Any and All Help
Do not say, "Oh, we're fine..."  When this kicks in, you will cry.  And what will sustain you are the people who showed up to help when you least expected it.  One of my dear friends showed up just to drive my dog to the kennel.  Bridget is a very busy New York Times Best-Selling author and she showed up!  Let your friends help.

9.  Don't Assume Your Kids Are In the House
On day two we couldn't find my daughter.  She's 7, so old enough to know better, but young enough to be clueless.  After running around the house freaking out, I called 911.  Turns out she had seen a friend across the street and went into his backyard to play.  It was just a friend she had never played with before.  She was fine.  I was hysterical.  Maybe consider hiring a babysitter if the kids are under 10.

10.  Give Yourself a Break
The first round of unpacking should be focused around being functional.  Allow yourself to go a few days or weeks without worrying about it.  It will take a while before you understand how you are using the house, so unpacking and trying to organize everything in the first round might just drive you crazy. Take your time - even if you are crazy and OCD and think you can't possibly go one more second surrounded by boxes!

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