Day 14 - Two Weeks Down, 50 to Go

Day 14 - Two Weeks Down, 50 to Go

I'll be honest, this weekend was hard.  I was stuck in the house with two sick kids and boy did I want comfort food.  Any comfort food!  My husband was gone all day on Saturday with friends from work on an ATV riding trip and didn't get home until late.  I was glad that I had my Homeschool System project to work on, or I think I really would have gone nuts and baked something.

I love this quote.  It applies to both my eating plan and my homeschool right now.  Even though we homeschool year round, things slow down in the summer with all of the different activities going on.  My children are on lesson 100 in their Math program, Teaching Textbooks, and need to finish 19 more before we start a new year in early September.  That is going to mean some cattle prodding in order to get it done!

Big news, however.  My lymphedema is dramatically better after two weeks of no gluten, dairy, sugar, corn, or soy.  Even at the end of the day!  So this eating plan is definitely working as far as that goes.  I have only gotten on a scale once to check my weight, and before that hadn't been on a scale for about a year, so I am not sure how much weight I have lost, or if I have lost any.  I'm waiting for my food allergy and cortisol tests to come back to see if that reveals anything more.  

Day 14

I didn't eat on schedule today, but I did have a smoothie, a big salad with steak and avocado, and fish and stir fry veggies.  I'm taking my supplements regularly, which is a good thing, because I'm normally not so diligent.  

Essential Oil for the Day
DigestZen is saving me these days!  The iron supplements are causing some nausea issues, and the only thing that helps is a DigestZen gel cap.  Seriously amazing for any stomach ailment!

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