Day 11 - The Detoxification Kicks In

Day 11 - The Detoxification Kicks In 

The doctor said that the goal was to have 20 good days out of the month.  Well, today was not one of those days.  It's very hot outside (for me), and the iron supplement that I am taking made me sick to my stomach.  So I felt lethargic and nauseous - the best combination, right?  I rested for a bit in the afternoon after having a steak salad from Chipotle for lunch.  I'm trying to eat beef just twice a week and it really has to be on a salad or in something versus a slab of steak.  After three years of not eating it, the texture grosses me out.  

The evening was fun, however.  It's Pioneer Day in Utah, which is about as big as Independence Day.  Our little street had a party and there were tons of fireworks going off all over the place.  I really love living here because it is so family oriented with great communities. 

Day 10

Breakfast - Smoothie:  Green Smoothie with kale, spinach and chard blend, banana, fresh blueberries, and eQuivalent from QSciences
Lunch - Steak salad with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, black beans and guacamole
Snack - Grapes, Nectarine
Dinner - grilled baramundi fish with green salad and roasted green beans

Snack - Watermelon

Essential Oil for the Day

My little girl got a burn on her thumb from a firework so I grabbed a bottle of lavender essential oil and kept it with me just in case anyone else got burned!  She hasn't complained since I put the lavender on.

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