Days 16 & 17: A Lot of Work and the Peter Breinholt Concert


Days 16 & 17: A Lot of Work and the Peter Breinholt Concert

Tuesday was a crazy work day.  It was pretty productive, and I needed to get a lot done, but still - I tend to overdo it, and with adrenal fatigue I can't overdo it.  So on Wednesday after I was done working I went over to my bestie's house and laid on the bed and talked to her about the great deal she got at Old Navy on clothes for her daughter.  Then I put together a picnic of sorts and my family went to the Peter Breinholt concert at Thanksgiving Point.  Thanks to Chris and Lyndsie Miles for inviting us!  It was so peaceful to be outside, listening to a concert, and watching the kids dance and run and play.

I had a very enlightening conversation with my friend, Bridget Cook-Burch.  She recently read The Hunger Games series, and made a connection between the children in the books forced to be tributes and what is currently going on in the Middle East.  So I chose Peter Breinholt's song Jerusalem for this post, because of the line "It's quiet in Jerusalem tonight."  We have spent some time talking with our kids about what is going on over there.  

Today I am off to play more with my bestie.  She was out of town last week and starts school soon so we want to play as much as possible.  The lymphedema diet is getting easier after 17 days.  My husband is doing really well and feels SO much better eating this way.  He doesn't have the stomach issues that were plaguing him, and he is staying up until a normal hour instead of falling asleep at 4 in the afternoon.  Even at the concert last night, neither one of us were exhausted.  That's a wonderful feeling!

Essential Oil for the Day

I am totally loving the Root to Tip Hair Serum these days.  Especially with how dried out my hair gets out in the summer.  It's good stuff and for some reason I love the smell.  There is something about it that makes me happy!

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