Days 18-20: Homeschooling, Hanging Out, and Healing in Nature

Days 18-20:  Homeschooling, Hanging Out, and Healing in Nature

Have you ever played Killer Bunnies?  It makes 11 year old boys laugh extremely hard while Dad does a sleeping photobomb in the background.  After a couple of days of excessive electronics, we packed up the kids and some sandwiches (for them, salads for us) an headed to the cabin in the mountains to unplug.  My son insisted that we play Killer Bunnies, which didn't meet with much resistance, because I love the game.  It's really fun and requires some interesting strategies.

After three weeks of eating gluten, dairy, sugar, egg, corn and soy free, I have probably lost around 13 lbs.  My body is just simply using everything I feed it and nothing is being stored.  I'm never stuffed after I eat, and I'm hungry a couple hours later.  It's a nice feeling.  My lymphedema gets more manageable each week!  That is the biggest miracle.  I'm happy with the weight loss, and want to lose a lot more over time, but the fact that I can function and my legs don't hurt is the biggest benefit.

My husband is starting to add in one food at a time for his Hashimotos.  He started with a tomato yesterday and today.  He is supposed to watch for very specific symptoms from eating a tomato, and he was tired this morning so he feels like he needs to stay away from tomatoes a bit longer.  Next up is steak.  I think he is excited about that prospect, but I'm betting it isn't going to make him feel very good! 

Food Intolerances = 11

I got my tests back on food intolerances.  I tested +2 on Kidney Beans and Baker's Yeast (read bread) and +1 on green beans, pinto beans, yellow wax beans, cheese, cranberry, pineapple, sesame, wheat, brewer's yeast.  That means that for the time being I am to stay away from all of those foods.  We'll introduce other stuff first, since I actually reacted to those.  It also means that I am going to be at least bread with yeast free for most of my life.  I've never really loved bread, so that isn't a big problem for me.  I'm just going to learn how to make gluten free tortillas with coconut flour or something fun like that.

Essential Oils for the Day

A friend of me texted this morning wanting to know the best oils for anxiety.  A few years ago she tried a remedy that worked, so I reminded her - Breathe on the chest and Balance on the back of her neck. 

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