Day 21: The BEST Online and Totally Free Homeschool Conference!

Day 21:  The BEST Online and Totally Free Homeschool Conference!

I love it when people do free training, and I particularly love it when I can get a bunch of training in a series.  I was fortunate to join in on the Making Money from Home Summit a few weeks ago, and have been invited to present at the 2014 Not Back to School Summit being put on by the Home Education Council of America!

The summit includes presenters like Julie Bogart (Brave Writer - the Language Arts curriculum we are using this year), Oliver and Rachel DeMille (creators of A Thomas Jefferson Education), Mary Ann Johnson (The Homeschool Coach), Dianna McLean (Home Education Council of America), Tresta Neil (Keystone Education - I recently interviewed Tresta!), and many more!  It's going to be huge and I'm absolutely thrilled and in awe that I get to be a part of it.

Food Provocation Testing

Have I mentioned that I have a vocabulary crush on my doctor?  Meaning, he uses really cool vocabulary during our consultations.  Like 'food provocation'.  Seriously. 

Anyway, it means that I get to test 3 foods to see how I react to them - tomatoes, brown rice, and eggs.  I get to do each food for one meal for two days and see what happens.  I'm somewhat excited about being able to add brown rice to my burrito bowl/salads.  I hope I don't have a reaction.  I'm not worried about tomatoes, and having eggs in the morning with my fresh basil will be lovely.

Homeschool Interviews

I've started my interview series for Inspire the Sprouts!  Because of crazy storms and internet connections, I was only able to get Part One done with Jennifer Dayley.  We'll be doing Part Two later this week!

---> Click here to get the link to watch Part One!

Next week I am interviewing Paige Anderson, one of my mentors in homeschooling. Watch for details!

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