One Month Down - The Anti-Inflammatory Diet 30 Day Results

One Month Down - The Anti-Inflammatory Diet 30 Day Results

I have hit the 30 day mark eating what I am now calling the Anti-Inflammatory Diet.  I want to be totally real about the results and how I am feeling, because I want to truly be able to help anyone who needs to do this.  

Weight Loss

I'll be honest, losing 15 lbs absolutely ROCKS.  Especially I have done it with sticking to healthy foods, and experiencing true will power for the first time in my life.  It's awesome to get on the scale, which I have avoided for a while, and know that I am doing the things that will heal my body.  It also rocks that I am doing it without meds.  Iron supplements and vitamins, but no meds.  


My energy levels are not that awesome.  I attribute that to the adrenal fatigue and anemia, but there has also been stress and emotional situations that have come up over the past 30 days, and I have not turned to "comfort food" like sugar to cope and get that temporary energy boost.  Because I have been detoxing what feels like two years worth of stress and toxins, I have had both good days and bad.  I'm typically a high energy person, so people have noticed, but I have wonderful friends who are soft places to land for me right now.


For the most part, I have gotten great support.  Especially from my husband, who has been doing really well eating this way for his Hashimoto's Disease.  We both have ongoing coaching from our doctor on a weekly basis, and we share with each other the struggles that we are dealing with, as well as the triumphs.  Friends have been supportive, suggesting restaurants that serve food that I can eat so that I don't have to struggle to find something.  Family has been supportive, although I think some family members see this as just another one of those "weight loss fads" that I am doing.  All good - this really isn't for everyone, but I can see that in the long run it is going to help me.


Again, good days and bad.  I'm food testing right now and so I am seeing the results of that.  Brown rice is definitely NOT good for my swelling.  Tomatoes and eggs are fine.  I can see the results pretty quickly.  I'm about to test gluten free steel cut oats, but I suspect that grains in general are going to be mostly out.

So there you go!  Those are the results so far.  The next month should be relatively benign as far as food events.  No holidays, but we do have a birthday to celebrate.  I'm going to keep going, keep pushing, and keep positive.


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