Days 25-29: Down 15 lbs and Feeling Good

Days 25-29:  Down 15 lbs and Feeling Good

In just a few more weeks I get to have Ideal LifeVision Certified Coach attached to my name.  I'm having so much fun with this, and my own LifeVision is getting dreamier.  Yup, I said dreamier.  I'm allowing myself to actually dream bigger than I ever have before.  It rocks.  

I was able to get back into a pair of jeans over the weekend.  Ya know when you can get into them and you don't have to lie on the bed and suck in and say a prayer?  It's a fantastic feeling.  I'm 5 lbs away from my next big goal and I'm going to reward myself with a new shirt.  Or maybe new shoes, because my current shoes are getting loose, which means my lymphedema is reducing a bit.  Yay!

I tried eggs and tomatoes without problem.  I still haven't attempted brown rice again, but may cowboy up tomorrow and see if I survive it.  I'm doing better at snacks after my doctor reprimanded me.  My mentality is still in the calorie restriction mode, but I can't do this while eating this way or I won't have enough fuel and I'll get hangry.

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