Week Six: Hitting the 20 lb Milestone


Week Six:  Hitting the 20 lb Milestone

Remember those pictures from Junior High that you just hate?  This is sort of that picture for me as a 42 year old.  Over the weekend I attended New York Times Best-Selling Author, Bridget Cook-Burch's Inspired Writer Retreat.  It was an incredible retreat.  I mean, not only did I get to spend 3 hours learning from Dan Clark (National Speaker Association Hall of Fame), but I came away with powerful tools to write my own stories, as well as ways to teach my children how to write using their five senses.  We'll be going on some walk-abouts this Fall.

Part of my role was to train on Social Media and building your platform when you are an author, speaker, trainer, or coach.  I primarily consult for business owners in that genre, and have learned a lot along the way.  In fact, most people in that genre don't pay enough attention to their Social Media unless they are trying to pitch a free product for opt-ins.  There are some great people to follow, Brendon Burchard being one, but overall - more could be done.

Anyway, this picture was snapped of me.  Here's what is crazy - I have officially released 20 lbs since July 14th when I started this new eating plan.  And I officially hate this picture because I think I look fat and dumpy.  Perception is crazy!  I mean, how many of us thought we were fat in high school?  Now I am trying to get back to that weight!  We are way too hard on ourselves, and a lot of Junior High angst came up for me this weekend, but seriously - what I learned is just love who you are.  

So - six week results - 20 lbs released.  I say released because I don't want to "lose" them and then "find" them again.  I would love to be down another 20 lbs in six more weeks, but I'm going to be realistic about that.  In any case, my lymphedema is doing really well, my legs feel light, and my husband has lost about the same amount, which is really helping his energy levels from his hashimoto's disease.

P.S.  Still gluten, dairy, sugar, corn, and soy free.

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