What Else is Possible?

It would be nice if I was a better blogger, but it turns out I am rather inconsistent. That being said, this blog still gets enough views daily that I feel like I could at least do something to document my pretty darn cool life.

For example, I'm about to lead my 9th expedition to Kenya in 2 1/2 years. That's pretty darn cool, right? I started an organization called 100 Humanitarians International, and Kenya is our vibe (and tribe, I should add.) We work with the Maasai and our focus is mentoring families in self-reliance and sustainability. In this picture, we are building a fence and raised garden bed. Two months later and that garden bed now has vegetables and a family is eating. I love that.

I also "retired" from active business coaching and strategy and am now consulting for a few small businesses that are in big growth mode. I fill in the gaps and help them see what they aren't seeing. I'm also running 8 week mentoring programs that I am calling "Manifesting Miracles" to help people see what else is possible to create in their lives. I love that, too.

After 5 years of homeschooling, my kids decided they wanted to try the jungles of school, so that's been going on for a couple of weeks now. The jury is undecided, but the consensus is that they can "deal with it" for a while, at least.

That's the update! I think I'll tell some stories so that I can at least start documenting some of the cool things happening, and I'll let Google decide if that is good enough to show people. :)

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