That One Time I Was in an Alex Boye Video

The final chapter of The 12 Questions That Change Everything, or rather, the final question, tells the story about how this video happened. I've always liked Alex Boye. I think it's entertaining and works SO hard. Seriously, you have never met anyone with more energy and enthusiasm than Alex. He's also a lot of fun. 

Here is an excerpt from the book about the creation of this video. A huge thank you to Alex Boye, RJ Idos, Al Fox Carraway, and especially to my soul brother, Moses Masoi. 

If you like the video, consider donating to 100 Humanitarians. All donations go to support projects in the Maasai Mara, where Moses is from.

A week before Moses arrived for the 5 week fundraising blitz, I said to my friend Becky Rogers, “What would it take for Alex Boye to perform at A Taste of Kenya?”

Then I sent an email through his website with the request. I never heard back, but then Heather Rangel messaged me and said, “Do you think Moses will be too tired to go to a free Alex Boye concert the night he arrives?”

“No, no he won’t be too tired. We will be there and he will be in his Maasai shuka, and Alex will see him and it will be game over!”

Well, that’s not exactly what happened, because this is a what else is possible story, and that was just small thinking. We arrived at the concert, Moses in his shuka trying to keep his eyes open, and even though at one point we were just a few rows from the front, Alex didn’t see him. The concert ended and we went out to the lobby.  We were trying to figure out how to find Alex, when Moses said, “Well, the band was in the auditorium still. Let’s just go back in.”

So we did, and as Moses walked towards Alex it was like a scene from a movie. Alex was so excited. We took pictures, and Moses was invited the next day to be in one of Alex’s new music videos.

Eeek! What else is possible?!

The next day we went to film the video. After filming, we were standing around talking and an idea for a second video came about. There was a lot of excitement in the room, that is for sure, and it wasn’t ALL coming from me.

Alex had some travel plans, so we exchanged numbers and agreed to set up the calendar. A few weeks went by and nothing was coming together. A Taste of Kenya, which was the big event we had planned, was scheduled for October 22nd. Two days before, I got a text from Alex asking if we could film on the 22nd. Now, those of you who put on events know that this was enough to put me into a panic. How was I supposed to manage a big event and drive Moses around to film a video all day?

Refer to question #5. Are you willing to receive support from the people around you?

Why yes, I was willing, and they stepped in and took over. At 10am, Moses and I arrived at Alex’s house to get him dressed up in a shuka for the video. You can actually watch it on his Facebook page.

Scroll down and it’s called Alex Boye gets Masai Warrior Training. It’s kind of amusing.

We spent the day filming, which was one of the most entertaining and hilarious days of my life. Then the event started at 6, and imagine my awe at being able to say to the attendees, “In a couple of hours, Alex Boye will be here to film the finale of the video we have been shooting all day.”

Yup, what else was possible? Not only did Alex Boye perform at A Taste of Kenya, but he filmed a video with Moses at A Taste of Kenya.

You tell me, could I have imagined that six weeks earlier?

It gets even crazier, if you can believe it, and by now I would hope that I have shown you that I believe ANYTHING is possible.

When Moses arrived in the U.S., we had been mulling over the idea of hosting a community concert on the cultural center land as a gift to the area, and to bring awareness about what we are trying to do. I had already reached out to Stephen Leken, who is a big Maasai Gospel singer in Kenya, and one of my favorite performers. He was excited about the opportunity. Moses went to school with another performer who is from the Samburu tribe, and so he figured he would reach out to Lemarti and ask him if he wanted to perform as well.

Not only did Lemarti agree to perform, but he also said he would bring other performers with him. We had a flyer created and because David’s visa didn’t get approved, we had the ability to get it all planned since he was in Kenya. Right after Lemarti agreed to come, we discovered and even more interesting connection.

Last year, Alex Boye filmed a video in Kenya. It’s his cover of The Lion King’s ‘Circle of Life’.

Featuring: Lemarti

I know, my friend. I know. I can’t make this up. I just ask the questions. God is in the details, and when I say that, I really mean it.

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