I'm a Survivor!

This morning the alarm went off at 5:45am and I hit the five minute snooze.  Then I got up and put peppermint under my nose and on my neck and forehead to help wake me up (my caffeine) and washed my face.  I had decided that this morning I would do 20 minutes of upper body weight training.  I have a dvd that I like.  My husband got up and go on the treadmill to do a 20 minute HIIT workout.  Tomorrow we will switch it up, but he will probably go to the gym to do weight training and I will get on the treadmill for HIIT.  

After my 20 minutes, because I will never work out for an hour - I don't want to, I went into my office and turned on some tranquil music and for 20 minutes I meditated and prayed.  There is a great deal of power in this, as I have discovered.  Prayer is communicating with God, while meditation is the communication between your mind and your soul.  I spend a good deal of time making declarative, specific statements about how I want the day to go, while envisioning the day ahead.  I also make declarative statements about who I want to BE for the day.  

My next step is 20 minutes of study.  Since we usually read the scriptures every morning as a family, I have decided that my study time will be inspirational books that focus on Soul Purpose for the next several months.  I have a huge list of recommended reading material, as well as all of the Paid to Play workshops, so I shouldn't run out of stuff to do during those 20 minutes.  During my 20 minutes of study, I throw back a protein shake so that I have some nutrients in my body after the workout.  I hope to go back to using shakeology, and will probably do that during this time.  It gave me insane amounts of energy throughout the day.

That is my power hour.  My goal is to do it Monday - Saturday and then on Sunday I will eliminate the workout and still do the meditation and prayer.  

What do you do on a daily basis to keep up your motivation and energy? 

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