Follow Up - The Visionary

I had a few people ask me if I was mad about my last blog post.  The answer is no.  I have re-read it twice and actually don't understand how it comes across as me being mad.  I thought I was just being funny about my animosity towards The Bachelor.

What I am learning lately corresponds to the four energy types that I talked about relating to children a few months ago - the Visionary, the Warrior, the Oracle, and the Healer.  I test equally for Visionary and Warrior, with Oracle and Healer being very far down on my list.  The very least is a Healer.  As a mom, that was perplexing for me, until I realized that AS a mom is when I am most likely to active the Healer in me.  However, my natural way of looking at the world is that of a Visionary. 

Oh dear, Heidi.  What the hee-haw are you talking about now?

Consider the information below.  It absolutely corresponds to my instincts.  Very spontaneous; can't sit still; can speak to anyone, anytime, anywhere; constantly in the flow of ideas and change direction easily.  

This is so me.  So very very me.  Now - read the strengths and weaknesses.  I can show up as a Visionary in a situation in strength, or I can show up in weakness.  I have done both.  For example, I am so totally excited and pumped about Launching Women.  I brought a bunch of women potentially on board....and then the lack of support deflated my production.  It's not that I don't still really want to do it.  I am just not very good at figuring out the details and mechanics of it.  I have an idea and the secondary Warrior in me just wants to run with it.  So again - read all about me below and later in the week I'll go into the other energy scripts and you might be fascinated as well. 

hey call me 'A-D-D' :)
This chapter explains in depth the characteristics of a Visionary.  Visionaries are able to 'see' possibilities from what is impossible or unseen to others.  The people in this particular energy script are your idea people; the ones you really want on your team when you need to brainstorm.  They are also highly social.  They are the most creative of all 4 scripts.
Instincts of a Visionary-
  1. Very spontaneous with little to no structure
  2. In general, lots of movement in thoughts and action..the people who can't sit still
  3. Can speak to anyone, anytime, anywhere
  4. Use words like 'fun' a lot
  5. Constantly in the flow of ideas and change direction easily
Strengths of a Visionary-
  1. Ideas come easily and effortlessly
  2. Process information quickly
  3. Attract supportive people who want to support them
  4. Brings lots of joy and light to others
  5. Lots of ideas but noooo focus
Weaknesses of a Visionary-
  1. Stifle ideas for fear of looking stupid
  2. Don't find support necessary to produce or execute
  3. Doubt their ideas are inspired
  4. Become gullible and naive
  5. No knowledge when it comes to the detail 

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  1. You promised to explore the other scripts. So where is that exploration, huh? OK, Visionary (aka Lots of ideas but no focus), we Oracles are WAITING. Because we have needs, too. And those needs are all in the form of questions...Gin