I got hammered yesterday.  I won't lie - it really sucks to spend a day getting hammered.  It made for a night of bad sleep and a great deal of self doubt - temporarily.  And then, fortunately, I turned to the one source that I can rely on and knew that in spite of people telling me that I am wrong about many things, or suck at many things, or am brainwashing my children (love that one), or sharing junk science, that ultimately I have still been given the answers that I need for me and my health, and I can trust in that.  Prayer is a wonderful thing.

A few weeks ago a distant family member who hasn't seen me since I was about six years old tried to tell me that God is a fictitious character, because I said that I believe God has already given us what we need to heal ourselves, and we don't need billions of dollars and a government funded lab to find it.  I have realized that by putting myself out there, I am hearing from many people who DON'T want me to believe these things, for whatever reason that I assume is personal to them.  

My new response is, "Please share with me what you believe, instead of telling me what I believe is wrong."  

My new challenge is to learn to do that as well.

And, drink green smoothies.

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