I Made a Favicon

Last night my friend Barbara sent me an email with my new blog banner and said, "You don't have to use it.  I felt inspired."  I love it!  I have been playing around with banners and not liking anything and woosh!  

Then I showed it to Kacy over at Every Day I Write the Book, who I have moved up in my name dropping ranking ever since she made #55 on Babble's top 100 Mom blog list.  She told me I needed a Favicon.  So I made one with Photoshop Elements.  I know how to do around three things with it and now a Favicon is one of them.  Do you need a Favicon?  I can whip one up for you in no time flat.  

Speaking of restaurants, last night I went to Brio to celebrate a birthday and woah nelly was it good.  Even without eating meat it was good.  I went vegetarian which is what I have taken to doing when I eat out because cheese is hard to avoid.  

We started out with the Bruschetta Quattro which had four different types of bruschetta, and also got the Margherita Flatbread just for fun.  The flatbread was my favorite.  In fact, I could easily go there and just get that flabread.  I love margherita pizza and this....well, I may or may not have had dreams about it. 

Then I had the Field Greens salad with gorgonzola (I have to say that when going vegetarian I try not to bother with cheddar and go with the cheeses that really matter) which was heaven on greens.  I almost got the chopped salad, but then the waitress said that the spinach was a little better.  It's obvious I love greens, but for some reason I am so much better at making a romaine based salad and so much better at ordering spinach based salads.    Maybe it is because I have successfully grown romaine in my backyard and spinach has been more of a headache.  How deep can I wax philosophical on this?  

I wrapped everything up (I called it my Triathlon of Bruschetta, Flatbread and pasta.  Good thing I no longer live in fear of carbs.) with the Penne Mediterranean.   I'm pretty sure this dish drips with butter, but it was a perfect indulgence.  So very very fresh and yummy.  I also tried the basil strawberry lemonade since I rarely get anything other than water and I was curious how fresh basil would mix with the strawberry lemonade.  It mixed very well.  In fact, I think I may whip up some of this Strawberry Lemonade and just add some basil to it for fun. 

Next week I am getting together for dinner with another group of friends - my Soul Sistas - for dinner.  On that note, I need to sign off and go do TurboFire55 for the next 24 hours in preparation. 

Oh, and if you happen to be in the neighborhood and happen to stop in, I have added this to my Christmas wish list...


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