Laid Back Vegan/Strict Vegetarian

So after my initial freak out about meat and dairy, I realized that I have a life.  That being said, meat is not an option for me.  Dairy, however, is something that I am willing to have if I am eating out.  Because, really?  Unless you live in California and have vegan restaurants on every street corner, you are out of luck when it comes to eating out.  What I try to stick to is the following:

If I have to eat cheese, I prefer it to be feta or gorgonzola or some other fantastic cheese.  I am not going to waste my cheese eating on cheddar.  It also has to be IN something for flavoring.  I won't eat cheese by itself because my stomach hates me afterward and my legs resemble an elephant's.  I try to pick around it if I can.

I don't drink cow's milk.  Actually, I rarely drink any milk unless it is in my Shakeology and then I drink almond or coconut. 

If I can get pizza without cheese, I try that.  Otherwise I am willing to have some with cheese because I don't eat it more than once a week.

At home I am vegan.  

Around the Holidays it seems people want to eat out more.  There are just so many occasions to celebrate and such good food.  Normally by now I would have gained at least 2-3 lbs with how much I have been eating out, but I actually am down a pound since Thanksgiving and so far am hovering there.  I credit green smoothies and Shakeology daily.  Mostly because they give my body the digestive enzymes it needs in order to break down the other foods that come into my system.  And I have now fought off three sore throats/colds by upping my green smoothie intake when I feel them coming on.

I come by all of this honestly.  My dear mom who raised me was well known for introducing tofu dip and oat bran stuffing into the family meals.  Her "Mommy Special" consisted of rice, stirfry veggies, and tuna.  When you stop gagging, consider the fact that my mom is 67 and really healthy.  Her blood pressure is so low that they check to make sure she is alive when she is at the doctor's office.  Her resting heartrate is extremely low.  Her grandmother lived to be 97 and lived on her own until she died.  If my mom lives for 30 more years I will be almost 70.  If that comes from eating tofu dip and oat bran...well, that was a weird period of our lives, but you catch my drift. 

One last thing - did you know that a drop or two of cinnamon oil after a meal may help to stabilize your blood sugar levels?  And that if you rub it on kids' feet when they have had too much sugar it can help them to calm down? 

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  1. You have to make some exceptions or you will go insane. Shakeology has mainly great ingredients, but whey protein is dairy and it does contain fructose. My goal is to eat vegan 90% of the time. The last ten percent, I can't stress over. Holidays it is tougher to eat healthy.