It's the Most Hilarious Time of the Year!

About five years ago I joined our neighborhood book club.  Last night was our annual Christmas Dinner and White Elephant Book Exchange night.  It was held at my friend's new house (she bought a model home AND the furniture and decor and the rest of us are VERY happy for her and NOT EVEN a tiny bit jealous) and like other years - good food and much laughter ensued...
Our hostess, Leslie, "hamming" it up.
1/2 of the "I am wearing jeans and a black shirt!" brigade.  Half of us there were dressed this way.  Cori, Kristen and Tiffany
Look at all of that loveliness!  Allison, Marcy, Keysha and Rachel
Lindsay, NatRat and Emily
See what I mean?  Jeans and black!  Well, and gray...Kerri, Leslie, Allison and marcy
I need a new camera.  This happens a lot.
We had book club members come who had been absent for three years hanging out in the wild weirdness of Mississippi. 
But the crowning moment was the collective crowd's reaction to "Where Do I Come From?"  The story is that my bestie and I were reading a book called "How to Talk to Your Kids About..."  The book "Where Do I Come From?" was a recommended supplemental reading FOR THE KIDS.  Horrors!  It's basically a bunch of illustrated pudgy nekkid pictures.  Steer clear....but it makes a great white elephant book club exchange book for sure.  There were definite tears rolling down faces!  I can't wait to see what next year brings...

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