Indiana Jones

Because the name of the dog didn't suit us, we changed it when we adopted him this past weekend.  Here were the choices:

Joey (he's an Australian Cattle Dog so I thought Joey would be cute since it's a baby kangaroo) - the kids said no, no way, yuck, not even at all mom.
Noah - a few days ago my college roommate had a baby and named him Noah.  Just didn't seem appropriate after that.
Indiana Jones (Indy) - when I mentioned this to the kids they loved it.  Especially my son, who was the most violent about the other names.  So Indy it is.  I feel good about it.

It goes along with the line by Sean Connery in The Last Crusade (except now we know there wasn't), "We named the DOG, Indy." 

This morning Indy came with me to drop the kids off at school.  He was a little besnookered by the whole experience.  At first I tried to put him in the very back, but he would have none of that because he couldn't see anything.  So then he sat pretty much in the middle.  Then, after I dropped off all of the kids, he climbed up into the front seat, sat very tall, and proclaimed himself kind of the neighborhood.  He was very interested in what the world had to offer.

We got home and I put him in his kennel and went off to the store.  When I came home he just wanted to snuggle.  Seriously - this dog LOVES to be hugged.  It's a new thing for me.  He acts a little bit like a cat.  Then he just wants to nap, and is perfectly happy napping next to wherever I am.  He really is more of a companion than a pet.  I am pretty sure he thinks he is human.  

We haven't gone without problems, though.  We moved his crate into the laundry room thinking that would be better than our kitchen, but he didn't like being shut up so he is back in the kitchen again.  I rearranged some things and it seems to be fine.  Last night he slept and we didn't have to deal with barking.  We have heard him bark, but only a few times and only at night when he was in his cage in the laundry room.  My test today is to keep him outside for a little longer than normal when it warms up and see if he barks at all.  So far he will just stand at the back door until we let him in no matter how long that is.

I managed to give him a bath of sorts on Saturday, but will be taking him in for a complete scrub down this week as soon as possible.  He definitely smells better than when he arrived.  It's crazy - I never would have called myself a dog person, but I think he's a good dog and I love the way he is around kids.  I took him on a walk on Saturday and we walked past every house with dogs in the neighborhood.  They all barked at him and he didn't bark back.  He just sniffed.  I don't know if that makes him a snob or indifferent...or both.  Either way, I don't mind it at all!


  1. That's so great. It is funny how he just seems to be suited to you guys. When we brought Oscar home he would have no part of having his crate in the living room, so we moved it downstairs. But he still cried at night. So we moved him into the bedroom, and he would walk in with no problem, lie down and go to sleep. He just wanted to be with the people.

  2. You are turning into a dog person...neiner, neiner, neiner...

    My mom wasn't a dog person either and then my dad bought us a puppy for Christmas when I was 12. When that dog was fixed, my mom made it bowls of spaghetti and let it sleep on the couch. When she was sick, my mom stayed home from work to keep it company and made it bacon and eggs served on a human plate...

    My point? ANYONE can become a dog person with the right dog.

  3. I'm so glad it's working out so well. Who would have thought?