On the Second Day of Christmas...Lemon!

Lemon!  How I love thee.  Let me count the ways.  I love thee in my water.  I love thee in my furniture spray (recipe here).  I love thee in my green smoothies.  U2 named a really lame song after you, but it's okay, because it is U2 and they are the greatest band of all time according to me.

You lower blood pressure and dissolve cellulite.  You give us clarity of thought and improve our digestion.  You work extremely well in removing gum from unsightly places.  You also remove wood stain, oil, and grease spots.  You can also improve our complexion by removing dead skin cells.  

You make the house smell good and you make people happy when they smell you.  You make desserts with lemon taste better.  Even Livestrong recommends you for colds. 

You should be in everyone's medicine cabinet.  And you can be!  For a mere $15 a bottle!

1.  Click here to order Lemon
2.  Send me an email letting me know your order number and address where you want your bottle shipped. 
3.  I will email you a list of ways and methods to use Lemon to help improve your health and wellness naturally!

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