Les Mills Pump - Coming to Beachbody December 22nd!

The.Countdown.Is.On!  In 8 days Beachbody, the company that brought you P90X, TurboJam, and Shakeology, is going to start selling Les Mills' Pump!  Les Mills' is the creator of Body Pump, and this is the world's fastest way to get in shape!  If you want results fast with your New Year's Resolutions, watch for my promotions!  It will be for sale starting December 22nd!  It's not too late to ask for it for Christmas. 

Chapman University in CA did the independent study that proved you burn up to two times the amount of calories of a regular circuit training session, up to 1,000 calories!!  I would rather burn twice as much in the same time as my regular workout.  

The Base Kit comes with these DVD's: Pump Basic, Pump Challenge, Pump & Burn, Pump & Shed, Revolution, Pump Extreme, Flow, Hard Core Abs and only exclusive through your Team Beachbody Coach you get Core which targets the muscles of the abs and back by incorporating the amazing new Les Mills CX Works moves - and again that DVD is only available if they order via a Team Beachbody Coach. You also get the portable barbell and weights, the nutrition guide (which comes in 3 phases along with a 7 day jump start) and the 90 day program calendar.The nutrition plan matches up with the workout calendar. Phase One Te Wero (The Challenge where you boost your metabolism), Phase Two Panoni (The Change where you sculpt and lean up), Phase Three Kia Kaha (Be Strong where you get ripped and chiseled) Following in the Maori Language of the natives in New Zealand. When you are doing Les Mills Pump you are a warrior against the sedentary lifestyle!! 

The Base Kit is $165.85, but club members and coaches get a great discount. You are supposed to do it three times a week so it perfectly integrates with someone who loves TurboFire (Me), TurboJam, Insanity, or even those of you who are in training for marathons.  If you are interested in a more comprehensive kit that includes additional workouts and weights, message me

I will be starting this program with my workout buddies L & L as soon as it arrives!

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  1. I have to say ... I've been doing Body Pump at the gym for about 6 weeks now and I'm totally seeing results. I finally got rid of the last 3 lbs from the baby ... now just 3 more to be to my ideal. It's a great workout.