On the Fifth Day of Christmas...Basil & Melaleuca!

Essential Oils for Ear Infections

I am a bit of a basil nut, anyway.  I grow it in my window even in the winter because I love it in anything.  When I was eating scrambled eggs I threw it in eggs.  I add it to pasta, make pesto, add it to pizza - you name it.  It makes me happy.  Basil oil is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.  It was used anciently for respiratory problems, digestive and kidney ailments, and poisonous insect or snake bites.  It is also recommended that combining equal drops of basil and lavender and then applying a few drops to the crown of the head helps with ADD/ADHD.  It has properties that may help with alertness, anxiety, concentration, depression, and may other ailments.  Basil retails at around $28.50.
Melaleuca is Tea Tree Oil, which most people have heard of.  It is extremely anti-fungal and has been used for centuries by the aborigines to heal cuts, wounds, and skin infections.  He has some strong immune building properties as well.  Athletes use it for athlete's foot.  It can be used to help with candida by rubbing a couple of drops into the bottom of your feet each day.  Did you know that one of the fastest way to get the benefits of oils into your system is through your feet?  Check out the video below showing how fast it can work with the blend Balance.  When the blood is clumping, it is before Balance was rubbed into the person's feet.  When the blood separates, it is just a few minutes later!

Balance rubbed into the back of the neck and Breathe on the chest can help an acute anxiety attack according to a friend of mine who used this technique!  More on those two oils next week...

Melaleuca may also help with acne, warts, and if you gargle it when you have a sore throat it helps to ease the pain.  I know this because I have been doing it the past few days.  It also helps with ear infections!  Since using Melaleuca on my kids' ears when they complain of pain, I have avoided co-pays and endless prescriptions of antibiotics.  Prior to using it I could end up paying $50-75 a year in co-pays alone.  A bottle of Melaleuca, which has so far lasted me about six months, costs around $27.50. 

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3.  I will email you a list of ways and methods to use Basil and Melaleuca to help improve your health and wellness naturally!

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