A Blah Day

Yesterday was a Blah Day.  Thursdays are always my hardest day of the week.  The early morning wake up catches up with me.  I always want to eat more.  I'm the most sore from my workouts and facing my "FourPlex" from Thursday afternoon's workout to Saturday morning's push.  So yesterday was a Blah Day.  My fitbit even agreed.

It was also overcast all day.  

It was one of those days where I looked around my relatively clean house and thought, "What should I paint?"  Even though I already have a list of stuff I need to FINISH painting, I am ready to freshen up with a new color.  I'm a bit crazy in that way.  The problem is that I want to paint a part of the wall that is really time consuming to paint.  When on earth would I be able to do it?  Certainly not in between the carpool pick up and drop off.  So, it goes on the back burner of projects-I-would-someday-like-to-do.  

I also haven't felt like cooking anything.

When I quit "working" a couple of months ago I thought I would have an abundance of free time.  Now I can't believe that I had the time to work.  No wonder I was so grumpy.  I am definitely the type of person that needs to have something part-time for me, but definitely NOT the type of person that can work full time on top of getting everything else done.  Next year when I have both kids in school all day I will get more done.  

My cousin keeps finding furniture at D.I. or by the side of the road and refinishing or painting the pieces.  They look amazing.  It makes me want to paint some of the big ugly pieces of furniture I have in my house like my oversized entertainment center that I got when I first moved here to match my kitchen cupboards.  I have a vision for my house with no clear path to getting it done so instead I blog.  Or is it blahg?

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