Drowning My Sorrows in Ice Cream

Today I was so excited for Turbokick because I was going with my two friends and it is always more fun to go with friends.  Well....got there and the instructor was sick.  The substitute is not Turbokick certified so instead we did a workout that was just plain boring to me.  She did "rounds" that had four moves each.  You would do each move for 15 seconds, then 30 second, then 45 seconds, and then one minute.  And then you would rest for a minute and she would show us another round.  I don't like workouts that are really repetitive (which is why I hate running) so while I burned a lot of calories, I was just grumpy that I didn't get to do Turbokick.  

Then I got home and got my monthly order of Shakeology and the bag had a hole and at least a couple of servings had spilled out into the box and all over everything.  I called Beachbody and they are sending out a replacement bag ASAP.  Since there is still some Shakeology left in the bag, I guess that is good that I am getting an almost free bag.  

Wait - sorrows?  Geeeeeez, quit being a whiner, Heidi!  Nah - no sorrows.  I burned calories and got an almost free bag of Shakeology.  I'm going to celebrate!  

With a Neopolitan Ice Cream Shake.  Happy Friday!

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