Doubles and Scouts

Today my husband and son are off at Scout Winter Camp.  That leaves my almost-six-year-old and me home alone to do whatever want.  My plans are to exercise twice today - once in the morning (done) and I did Les Mills PUMP Combat, which is such a fun workout and I am glad I tried it, and then this afternoon I am going to do Turbofire's Upper body and Lower Body workouts to get in a different kind of resistance training.  I don't normally do double workouts except on Friday because of some training I am doing, but Combat and the Upper and Lower body workouts are completely different.  Normally I would have just done them all at once for a power workout, but I didn't want to overdo it because I am taking my little girl swimming later today as well.  

Have you ever noticed that swimming really takes it out of you?  

Anyway, my other plans include getting laundry done and getting lots of snuggles because I rarely get alone time with my little girl anymore.  In the meantime, my son is going to snowshoe, tube, shoot a bb gun, and all sorts of fun BOY stuff like that.  Maybe I'll paint my toenails. 

I also finished Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and am very intrigued.  It goes along with The China Study and other stuff I have read, but digs in a bit deeper on how to eat, not just the "why" or the scientific studies.  I'm quite amazed at how all of these years I thought I ate relatively healthy, but nope, nada, not even close compared to what these books are telling me.  As I have been following some of it already with some exceptions, I already know that I feel so much better on a daily basis that I am quite amazed.  So taking the next few months and digging in a little deeper on this is something that I see as a blessing and an answer to so many of my prayers.  

I should clarify that I am NOT having my children eat the same way I eat right now.  They eat far less meat and dairy than they have in the past, and only if we go to other peoples' houses for dinner.  They are to the point that almost every time they eat meat, dairy, or sweets, they complain that their stomach hurts and they whine and moan about it.  That being said, they are free to choose for themselves.  They don't drink cow's milk at all.  We transitioned to almond or coconut milk as a family a while ago.  they do still eat more cheese than I would like, but usually only once a day, if at all.  I'm currently reading Disease-Proof Your Child by Dr. Fuhrman to see what his recommendations are, but I also feel like with what I have read and implemented, my kids are now eating way better with many more nutrients than they did before.  Even today I sent my husband and son off with 8 bean chili, carrots, grapes, and apples for lunch so that they would have another option since we are assuming that they will be serving hot dogs and chips at the Scout Camp, which just triggers my son's eczema.  

If your kids have ear infections, eczema, asthma, etc., I would recommend going to Dr. Fuhrman's website to see what he says about it.   Not only has have his recommendations seriously helped with these issues, but people who have followed his eating plan have lost hundreds of pounds of weight.  It's really quite incredible!

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