The Problem with Gilmore Girls

I have been re-watching Gilmore Girls.  I love it.  I really do.  Lauren Graham ranks right up there with Jennifer Garner for me as far as likeability and "I could actually be friends with her."  The only reason that I include Jennifer Garner is that she grew up in West Virginia and I was born there.  And we are only about a month or so apart in age.  So had my parents stayed in West Virginia we could have been best friends.  I mean, we were both Class of 1990 and we all know that there is a special bond with people who graduated from high school the same year that you did.

Anyway, the problem with watching the shows all in a row is that I get very very sick of the opening theme song.  I am still in Season One and I have six more to go.  Yeah, I know I could forward through it.  However, that would require a targeted focus shift and right now my targeted focus is on other things.  I'm not sure that "targeted focus shift" is even a phrase that makes sense, but if it does, then I should have it trademarked.  

I'm also wondering lately if I could get away with pigtails.  Are they too little girlish at 40?  I mean, fluorescent keds are out (Actually, they are IN, but OUT for me). I only ask because Lauren Graham has a scene where she is wearing pigtails and she is older than me in real life. 


  1. No pigtails. Pigtails are out after age 30.

  2. I'm so glad Carly said it first. While some people can pull off pigtails (Kendrick thinks their hot-so if you see me sporting them- it's only because I'm trying to get some) most of us can't. In my opinion, Pixie cuts and pigtails are not a good option for real life women. It's just like how celebrities can't pull off cellulite and baby bumps-but real life women make those things look hot;)