When Your Schedule Changes

This morning I planned to wake up early, call 3 candidates for work and screen them for a job opportunity, take my kids to their summer camp for the week, and then come back home and work.

Instead I realized my son's t-shirts are all too small so I went to Target to get new ones.  Then my husband texted me and said, "Do you want to meet me at Kohl's?"  I gave him instructions that wearing pants with strings hanging off of the cuffs was unacceptable and that he needed new pants.  After almost 10 years of marriage he knows not to attempt shopping without me.  So I said yes, but first had to go to the bookstore.  The computer was down at the bookstore so I was there way longer than I had planned, but I got some killer deals on some books I can use this Fall for my kids.  Then I met my husband where we identified 3 pairs of pants that he can wear to work.  

Then he invited me to have lunch with him at his office cafeteria, which I have never done so I said yes.  We went through the salad bar.  I loaded it up and it was still only $4.25.  I am so going back.  It was a good salad bar!  You have to get a Top Secret clearance to get into the building, but hey - it's worth it for the salad.

At this point I had an hour left before the kids needed to be picked up.  I ran home, let the dog in, did about 30 minutes worth of work, and then headed out again.  When I got home I jumped on my Motivational Monday call for the Sanity Health Challenge where I talked about a concept that I am going to add to the program soon.

I would much rather spend time with my husband than accomplish my to do list.  

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