Shakeology Success Story

I have had a few friends ask about the benefits of Shakeology, specifically a Shakeology Success Story.  There are many out there on the interwebs, but I want to share one that my friend Barbara Christensen of posted on Facebook today.

It's her story.

In her words: 
I wanted to share this, because most of you get to see my face almost every week on here. This is a picture from before I was pregnant when I was "super" healthy (or at least I thought I was) I was eating organic, clean and exercising 6 days a week. I weighed about 105 pounds. (about the same size I was all throughout high school)

The middle picture was about two years ago. Post pregnancy but eating totally grass-fed foods, all organics, going to the gym and walking all of the time.

The final was about two weeks ago. I'm several sizes bigger than the first picture and a lot of sizes less than the middle. I'm eating a mostly vegan diet (I have whey in my Shakeology because I'm allergic to bananas and can't drink the vegan formula) and a few times a year I have some fatty fish, or egg whites in something I cook. (which of course are wild caught and pastured respectively) The big different I believe has been in adding Shakeology and all of the super dense nutrition into my body. If you look at someone that has been doing diet shakes for a lot of years, they look more like I do in the first picture, not the last. I just want to share the WHY of my passion for this product so you don't just think I'm a nut bar or a "salesperson" because I believe it's changed my life.
I have known Barbara for the past 8 years and I love seeing these changes that she has made in her life.   If you want to see what Shakeology can do for you, go to  Try it out for 30 days with their 30 day Bottom-of-the-Bag guarantee!

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