Ocean Avenue Challenge: Day 17

Ocean Avenue Challenge: Day 17

Today is day 17 of my Ocean Avenue Shakes and Products Challenge.  Here's the rub - I haven't really been challenging myself.  In fact, all I did was swap out Shakeology for a mix of WheySmart and WheyBeyond.  I haven't exercised and I haven't made much of an effort otherwise because it was Thanksgiving and there were peeps in town.  That being said, I have lost 3 lbs in 3 weeks.  They key here is that I don't lose weight very easily, usually, and a pound a week not doing anything else and dealing with Thanksgiving is good enough for me.  Imagine if I actually started working at this!  Now there is a thought.  I may try that in January, but I am content to keep going with this for a while.  Especially because then I will get my Les Mills Combat and that will motivate me to get my hiney in gear.

What's in a Shoe?

I totally get that normal people stress about getting back into their jeans, but I'm one who always worries about whether or not the shoe fits.  Literally.  My daily level of swelling determines what outfit I wear based on what shoes will fit.  Isn't that fun?!  Today I "got back into" shoes that I haven't been able to even put my feet into (much less lace up) for five years.  Today I put them on and laced them up.  Then I cried.  I credit these products, and in particular, Empower.  It is a powerful anti-inflammatory.  As the product info reads: "EMPOWER offers relief from autoimmunity, chronic inflammation and associated discomfort, assists in anti-aging, provides antioxidants essential to good health, and still does more! There is nothing like EMPOWER on the market today to promote recovery, regeneration and maximum life potential."

Well, there ya go.

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