Ocean Avenue Shakes Help with Weight Loss and Energy

Ocean Avenue Shakes Help with Weight Loss and Energy

Ocean Avenue shakes help with weight loss and energy!  I have been using the Ocean Avenue shakes for the past 3 1/2 weeks and not only have I been able to lose a few pounds, I have also had an increased energy and focus.  It has really helped with my production levels for work, homeschool, and life.  The testimonials for Ocean Avenue shakes and products are rolling in.  My friend, Barbara Christensen, really jacked her calf the other day going up the stairs.  She figured she would be out for a week from the pain, and because she had done the same thing previously.  She immediately took the Ocean Avenue Empower and within a couple of hours the pain subsided.  The next day it was barely sore.  She was amazed!  My friend, Kelly Adams, has been taking it for his aches and pains.  Kelly is a bricklayer and a horse trainer and has had chronic pain for years that he has tried to manage with advil.  After about a week using the Ocean Avenue Empower, he realized that the pain was much more manageable and he stopped needing any advil.  Ryan Ninow hurt his knee in a snowboarding accident and hadn't been able to sit and cross his knee without pain.  After a couple of weeks with Empower he had full mobility and hasn't had pain since.  And finally, I have had chronic veinous insufficiency since I was a child, with constant swelling and aches in my legs that nothing could touch.  After 3 weeks using Ocean Avenue Empower, I was able to put on shoes that I haven't been able to wear for five years as the swelling increased.  The chronic pain is gone and I feel like I have my life back!

The Ocean Avenue Waverunner Team is Growing Quickly

Due to the amazing results and testimonials, the Ocean Avenue Waverunner team is growing quickly.  In the past month we have added 10 new members of our team, and we have several people taking a look at the products to try them out.  Some of the Waverunners have been paid, and this company has only been going for a few weeks!  The management team behind Ocean Avenue is incredible.  Fred Ninow and Ken Dunn set out to create a family focused company with products that work, and they have succeeded.  Ocean Avenue is drawing people from all over the world with its message of "Family First".  Come ride the wave with the Waverunners!

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