Gratitude Journal: January 5, 2013

Today I learned a great deal about how to read a balance sheet, as well as create one.  I also played Monopoly and created a balance sheet based on my transactions in the game.  It was actually quite fascinating.  I may use this method to teach my kids about finances!  

1 - I am grateful that I am not a dog and don't have to wear a cone of shame on a regular basis. 

2 - I'm grateful for quick catnaps that keep me going.

3 - I'm grateful for Empower and focus, which really kept me going this weekend!

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  1. Every year I have held a "Real Game of Life" youth activity. We pull out the board game, and make the game "real." The kids get salaries with their jobs, and we have paydays every few turns. They have to pay bills, and pay for the incidentals that come up during the game. It drives the kids crazy when they don't have money to do everything, and we make them do extra "work" (clean chapel, clean bathroom, etc) to make more money.
    I like the idea of doing it with Monopoly. I may have to try that next time.