Day 10 - I Picked a Good Vampire to Hang Out With

Day 10 - I Picked a Good Vampire

This post isn't really about vampires, except I did have to do another blood test today.  And a spit test.  Those are pretty disgusting.  I get to see what food allergies show up.  I'm feeling really good, however.  More good, energy-filled, awake days than sleepy days.  Yay!

I posted this picture because Tiffany Peterson's Elevation Event is my favorite event all year and it is coming up soon.  September 11-13th in fact, in Salt Lake City.  This is a picture from last year, with my friend Romeo Marquez lighting up the stage.   I get to help out as event staff this year, with some of my good friends, and I HIGHLY encourage everyone to go.  People come from all over the world for this event.  Get your tickets now!

Back to the blood test.  The place I went to get the blood draw was one of those employer drug testing places.  I almost felt guilty, but then I remembered that I don't even drink caffeine, much less do drugs.  Phew!  The guy was really good at drawing blood, which I would expect, and was fun and funny and explained to me all of the things you do with blood like spinning it to separate the plasma and the serum.  It was actually pretty cool since I had no idea that was the point of spinning blood.

I got home and worked for a bit on my friend, Bridget Cook-Burch's website, and then got a text from my cousin telling me that she had rented a huge inflatable water slide and to come on over.  I haven't seen my cousins so far this summer, so we went over to play.  I realize that it is summer, but one of the things I love about homeschooling is the ability to drop things and go if it means making memories or learning through experience.

Day 10

Breakfast - Smoothie:  Green Smoothie with kale, spinach and chard blend, banana, fresh blueberries, and eQuivalent from QSciences

Lunch - zucchini noodles with grilled chicken mixed in and watermelon

Snack - Oranges

Dinner - grilled halibut with roasted green beans

I don't think I am eating enough so I am trying to up my portions and add in that morning snack.  I'm just not that hungry, usually, but I don't want to slow down my metabolism, either.

Essential Oil for the Day

My son has gotten a summer cold, so I have been putting OnGuard essential oil on his feet, Breathe on his chest, and Lavender on his feet to help him stay calm.  He said, "These oils really help, Mom!"

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