Day 23: Cleaning Out the Closet and Clutter

Day 23:  Cleaning Out the Closet and Clutter

I'm feeling very zen, having cleaned out my closet this morning and reduced my clothing by about a third.  I just need to do that with every other closet now.  After I was done, I listened to some training about self-care.  This picture represents self-care to me.  My life is chaotic sometimes, and my guess is that most of the people who read this blog can resonate with that.  So stopping and learning about self-care is important to me.  

I also went to dinner with a friend, which is my favorite way to decompress.  I'm also working on creating a Joy List - 15 things that I love that cost money and 15 things that I love that are free.  When I need to take a break, I can pick from my joy list.  I'm told that all of this will help me with my adrenal fatigue, so I'm all for it.

Brown rice was not good, but eggs seem to be okay so far.  I had some for breakfast, and although I missed my smoothie and probably won't eat them regularly for breakfast, I didn't have a reaction to them.  Yay for eggs!  

Essential Oil for the Day

My little buddy, Ty Ty, has a summer ear infection.  We put melaleuca essential oil on the mastoid bone and on a cotton ball to put just outside the ear.  He felt much better all day!

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