Day 24: Creating an Ideal LifeVision in the Woods

Day 24:  Creating an Ideal LifeVision in the Woods 

I'm pretty sure this will be my favorite picture of my bestie, ever.  My bestie is a high school math teacher.  She doesn't spend her spare time going to motivational events and reading personal development books like I do.  So when I decided to become certified as an Ideal LifeVision Coach, and told her that she got to be my first client, she sort of shrugged and said, "Why not?"  

I spent some time with her last week explaining the concept and what we were going to do.  We set aside today to leave our kids at home and go up to the cabin to get away, focus, and work on her LifeVision.  At first we just worked on our own stuff - I worked on Disc #1 of the Homeschool Ideal LifeVision module.  She worked on math.  After a couple of hours we sat down and got to work on her Spiritual LifeVision module. 

As I started her on step 1 of the 8 step process, I felt inspired to read to her what I had typed up for the Homeschool Ideal LifeVision.  As I went through it, I saw that she was finally getting just what this powerful goal setting tool IS.  I had her go outside and write down exactly what she wanted in life spiritually.  When she came back in, she was a different person.  Literally!  There is so much power in the written word and making declarative statements, and this is something she had never done before.  There were tears on both sides.  

We were blessed to spend the day in peace and solitude.  The cabin doesn't have internet access or phone.  It truly is a place to unplug and just connect with nature.  As we continued the process, she got more and more excited to complete the other modules.  I'm getting more and more excited to watch how her life changes over the next few months!  

If you are an entrepreneur, check out the Create Your Entrepreneur LifeVision.  If you want to lose weight and get healthy, check out the Create Your 90 Day Fitness LifeVision.  If you homeschool, hold on a few weeks, the Create Your Ideal Homeschool LifeVision is coming!

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