The 12 Questions That Change Everything

Last week I wrote a book that I called The 12 Questions That Change Everything.

It's not a long book, in fact, it is only 36 pages. So really it's more like a glorified pamphlet. I wrote it in 6 hours, and I didn't have it edited. I sent it to my friend Chris to have it formatted.

Then, I created a website for people to opt-in and download it. I also created a Facebook Group called The 12 Questions That Change Everything, so that we can have a conversation about it, and so that if people are interested, I can create a mentoring program around it.

I haven't really done anything like this before, but one of the questions is "Are you willing to experiment to see what works?"

So I'm experimenting! Thank you and a shout out to my friend, Cory Michelle, for introducing that question into my world.

I honestly am releasing expectations for what this can be, and instead just asking "What else is possible?" These are things I have learned, and if they serve people, I'm happy to create opportunities for learning and growth for others.

I'm kind of excited!

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